T-Mobile Call Center Richmond, VA

Construction Value:
T-Mobile USA, Inc.

T-Mobile was so pleased with the work we did for them on their Allentown Call Center that they asked us to go to Richmond to complete a similar renovation project. Like Allentown, this call center was located in a building owned by Liberty Property Trust. The total project involved three stories which covered 100,000 SF. One challenge of the project was that the elevators could not be used. Therefore, materials were both discarded and brought in through windows removed on each floor. We began by building a new cafeteria and creating a secondary entrance to the building to accommodate the 200 employees who were working there. This enabled us to complete the substantial renovation that was required in the lobby area. A fully functioning data center that supported the entire mid-Atlantic region was maintained during construction. We added new MDF rooms linked to the data center on each of the three floors. The work plan was to renovate one floor at a time while the other two floors were being occupied. About half way through the project, at T-Mobile’s request, we accelerated construction and worked one and one-half floors at a time during which they added 250 new employees. The many complex coordination issues among Liberty Property Trust, T-Mobile, trades and vendors were all handled flawlessly.