Allied Building Corporation, a member of the U.S. Green Building Council,is a leader in sustainable design and LEED certification.

Allied Building Corporation has LEED professional competence on staff to help manage a LEED effort on behalf of our clients. Allied was the first construction management firm in the greater Lehigh Valley area to be trained in the Delaware Valley Green Building Council’s Green Advantage Program. Our LEED capabilities give us the ability to act as the project’s LEED administrator which can save our clients fees from third party LEED consultants.

To begin the process of gaining LEED certification, Allied initiates a comprehensive approach to supporting the sustainable design elements with defined sustainability goals. Our multi-step, participatory process, which can be adopted for any project, involves the owner, design team and subcontractors, and is initiated after we have completed a basic assessment of the project. Critical to success is the identification of the owner’s objectives regarding green design options and materials for consideration during the design stage of the project.

Based on our assessment and the sustainability goals targeted, Allied develops a comprehensive, specific Green Action Plan that ensures LEED credits are being tracked and documented, and just as important, verifies that valuable LEED credits are not being dropped. With this documentation properly compiled and presented, implementation in the field can proceed with an owner being confident that their project will gain LEED certification.

To date, Allied has completed approximately three (3) million square feet of LEED certified projects on behalf of our clients with the bulk of this total representing coveted LEED Gold certification.